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Custom Glock Parts For Gen 1-4 - Glock Upgrades & Replacement Parts

Custom Glock Parts For Gen 1-4 - Glock Upgrades & Replacement Parts

NDZ Performance carries a full selection of aftermarket and OEM accessories for Glock Gen 1-4 models such as the G17, G19, G26, G23, and more. These include parts from the most popular brands in the industry, as well as our in-house NDZ Performance parts. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality parts to replace your existing OEM parts with improved designs and materials. Don't forget to personalize your firearm with an engraving from our image library. Free shipping on orders of $39.99 or more!

(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization.


Glock Slides

The standard slide on these pistols gives Glocks their trademark appearance. Depending on your preference, you can upgrade your Glock slide to improve its look, performance, and capability. These upgrades can also help reduce weight, improve handgun appearance and last much longer than pieces from the factory. NDZ Performance carries Glock Gen 1-4 slides from some of the industry's best brands, such as Zev Technologies.

Glock Back Plates

Our NDZ Performance Glock back plates directly replace your Glock's plastic factory slide cover plate with this aluminum slide cover plate. We offer a complete line of Glock Gen 1-4 backplates that come in various colors and designs and can even have a custom laser engraving.

Glock Base Plates

Replace your plastic magazine base plate with an aluminum one from NDZ Performance. The different profiles combined with added weight increase accuracy with a more ergonomic grip while ensuring a faster, more reliable mag ejection. No matter your hand size or purpose, our Glock base plates are a great choice for a range gun, daily carry, or a duty weapon. Don’t forget to customize them with your military branch or favorite patriotic symbols

Glock RMR Cover Plates

Cover the optic cuts on your slide with our custom RMR Cover Plates, available in various colors and designs.

Glock Magazines

Everyone knows you can never have too many extra magazines, so make it impossible for your range buddy to claim yours by making it unique with one of the thousands of images from our custom image library.

Glock Barrels

Changing a barrel is as easy as removing your slide for regular cleaning and replacing the existing one with an upgraded barrel. You can achieve better accuracy in seconds, reduce weapon weight, and extend your handgun's lifespan. Many aftermarket Glock barrels also come threaded and ready for use with your choice of upgraded compensators or another threaded muzzle device. Upgraded Glock barrels have a better fit than factory parts and will make your pistol look even better than it already does. We carry manufacturers such as True Precision, Zaffiri, and many more.

Glock Parts Kits

Check out our comprehensive upgrade kits for Glock Gen 1-4 pistols. We stock everything you need to upgrade your build with aftermarket and OEM parts.

Glock Cleaning Mats

Protect your investment from scratches and dings while always having a parts diagram handy during cleaning or changing OEM parts to NDZ Performance’s parts with a high-end maintenance mat from Glock, Cerus, or Tekmat.

Glock Grip Plugs

Keep dirt, moisture, and debris out of your grip with a polymer plug from Jentra, NDZ Performance, or an even more rugged NDZ aluminum plug. Some models have the option of a convenient Glock tool built-in or use the extra space for a spare red dot or weapon-mounted laser/light battery.

Glock Sights

Upgrading your plastic OEM sights to a more visible, longer-lasting set improves target acquisition and transition. Tritium night sights from Night Fision or Trijicon are the perfect addition to a bedside firearm for low-light situations.