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Accessories & Aftermarket Parts

NDZ Performance is now offering a new line of premium accessories for the Springfield Armory Hellcat and Hellcat Pro to enhance the firearm's performance, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Most of our NDZ Performance brand line parts are interchangeable between the Hellcat and the Hellcat Pro, unless otherwise noted in the product description. We offer guaranteed low prices in addition to our 1.5% money-back rewards program, free shipping for orders over $39.99, and a lifetime warranty against manufactured defects for all NDZ performance products.

(*LZ) means that this product is capable of being laser engraved for personalization.

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Essential Upgrades for the Springfield Hellcat & Hellcat Pro

For all Springfield Hellcat owners interested in upgrading their firearms NDZ Performance offers an extensive line of parts designed to elevate the looks and performance of the Hellcat to a higher level. We will continue to expand our offerings for the Hellcat as time goes on so keep checking back to see new products as they are released! Below are ten popular upgrades for the Springfield Hellcat that you can purchase from NDZ Performance.

Additional Magazines: We offer factory replacement magazines for the Hellcat that include laser engraved designs. Purchase one of these striking magazines and be the envy of all other Hellcat owners.

Barrels: We offer True Precision barrels for the standard Hellcat in both threaded and non-threaded variants with multiple finishes.

Striker: We offer a steel striker from Lightning Strike for the Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat Pro. Get the best out of your Hellcat with this high quality striker from Lightning Strike.

Holster: Every gun needs a holster; we offer a complete line of inside and outside the waistband holsters for the Hellcat in various designs and colors to suit any Hellcat owners tastes.

Magazine Base Plate: Add flair and additional weight to your Hellcat magazines with our colorful magazine plates made from durable anodized aluminum.

Magazine Base Plate with Finger Extension: Utilizing the same durability, construction, and quality as our standard magazine base plates with a finger extension to extend the grip area and allow users to better handle their firearm.

Pro Magazine Release: Our Pro magazine release is constructed from a 2 piece assembly featuring an Anodized Aluminum control side and a Hardened Stainless Steel mag engagement side with a durable Black Nitride finish. This design ensures that our magazine releases provide improved looks over the factory parts while still maintaining their reliability magazine after magazine. The NDZ Pro Magazine Release for Hellcat or Hellcat Pro also comes in 3 different sizes (Stand, Plus, and Extended) to allow users to customize how much they want the part to extend out from the firearm for easier accessibility when ejecting an empty magazine from the gun.

Optic Adapter Plate: For any Hellcat owner interested in using a Holosun 407K or 507K sight on their firearm we offer an Optic Adapter Plate that will allow it to mount properly to the slide.

Optics Ready Cut Slide Cover Plate: Replace the stock cut slide cover plate with this high-quality laser engravable color anodized plate from NDZ Performance.

Rear Slide Cover Plate: Replace the stock piece with an anodized aluminum one that can be laser engraved from NDZ Performance and improve your Hellcat's looks and build quality.